Andrew Jackson's Hermitage (Nashville, TN)

 In the period of 1994-1997 an extensive wallpaper redecoration was carried out at the home of Andrew Jackson. This was another opportunity to combine research with state-of-the-art installation techniques and very special wallpaper. Possibly the biggest thrill was to trim, paste, and hang an original handjoined scenic from around 1820. Seeing the paper take on the paste, expand and become flexible, and get smoothed to the wall, was like watching Lazarus coming back from the dead!

It was only fitting that James Yates, a lifetime resident of Tennessee, was appointed project manager. He did a great job overseeing a lengthy and challenging installation which required no less than seven trips over a period of four years.

An antique scenic (Telemachus) from c. 1820 was installed in the upper hall. The other blockprinted wallpapers were made from historic patterns original to the house by Perry's of London. WRNA was also a supplier of the rag handjoined wallpaper ground used in the double parlors.

The work was the subject of a lengthy article in a trade magazine, including color photos. Copies are free so simply contact us if you would like a copy.