Schuyler Mansion (Albany, NY)

The house was built in the 1760's by Phillip Schuyler and a bill for 8 rooms of flock and elaborate stucco paper survives. WRNA has provided consulting services and handjoined wallpaper for a study of the hallway areas, and installation services for two rooms of handblocked flocked wallpaper produced by Mauny of France. For a red flock installation, Bob was able to arrange, through two of his English friends, Allyson McDermott and Anthony Wells-Cole, for the blockprinting of a mid-century narrow border originally used at Amen Court.

See blog post "Decorating “The Pastures” of Philip Schuyler: High-style Wallpaper Choices c. 1760"

A felt cover roller is used by Barry Blanchard to press the flock wallcoverings gently to the wall.

A border was used at all perimeters and doubled in the corner, following 18th century English practice.

The flocks were blockprinted in France, using traditional methods, as were the borders.

The completed installation proves the importance of keeping the pattern symmetrical; a large textile pattern like this needs to be balanced within each discrete rectangular space.